E-Cigarette Glossary

Below you will find the explanations of many terms that are often used in relation to electronic cigarettes and the vaping culture in general.

The E-Cigarette Glossary

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Silica -  a highly heat-resistant material used to build wicks, usually for rebuildable atomizers.
Starter Kit -  a term used to describe a set of electronic cigarette products (usually a battery and 1 or 2 atomizers) which is suitable for beginners or users who wish to start using their e-cigarette right away.
Sub Ohm Tank – -  a vaping tank which operates at a resistance lower than 1 ohm and can provide exceptionally thick clouds of vapor. A sub ohm tank is a great alternative for those people who want to vape at a sub-ohm level, but do not want to bother with RBAs or RDAs.

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