E-Cigarette Glossary

Below you will find the explanations of many terms that are often used in relation to electronic cigarettes and the vaping culture in general.

The E-Cigarette Glossary

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Manual e-cigarette -  an electronic cigarette that is equipped with a manual battery. It features a special button that must be used to activate the battery every time the user wishes to inhale vapor.
Mod -  a term usually used to describe an electronic cigarette device which is neither an eGo type battery, nor a traditional cigarette look-alike. The origin of this term is related to the modification of flashlights or other similar devices to be used for vaping.
Modder -  a person who prefers and enjoys modifying their electronic cigarettes and/or electronic cigarette related products to their preference.
Mouthpiece -  the upper part of an electronic cigarette that helps to deliver vapor to the mouth of the vaper.

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