E-Cigarette Glossary

Below you will find the explanations of many terms that are often used in relation to electronic cigarettes and the vaping culture in general.

The E-Cigarette Glossary

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E-Liquid -  a liquid solution which is used to produce vapor. In most cases, the main components of an e-liquid are vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavoring substances. E-liquid may or may not contain nicotine.
E-Pipe -  a type of electronic cigarettes which visually resemble a traditional tobacco pipe.
Ecigclopedia -  a completely free comprehensive online resource which offers valuable articles about electronic cigarettes, trustworthy electronic cigarette product reviews, latest industry news and other useful information to everyone who is interested in electronic cigarettes.
eGo -  a popular electronic cigarette battery type that indicates the presence of 510 connection. Contrary to popular beliefs, eGo style batteries are made by many different manufacturers, therefore it is not a brand.
Electronic Cigarette (EC, Personal Vaporizer, e-cig) -  a modern alternative to traditional cigarettes that allows users to enjoy a process, which is quite similar to smoking, in a less harmful way. It is a battery powered electronic device that vaporizes a special solution called e-liquid into vapor, which can be inhaled.
Eletronic Cigar -  a type of electronic cigarettes which visually resemble a tobacco cigar.

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