E-Cigarette Glossary

Below you will find the explanations of many terms that are often used in relation to electronic cigarettes and the vaping culture in general.

The E-Cigarette Glossary

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Disposable E-cigarette -  a type of e-cigarette that is designed for one-time use only. They are usually non-refillable and non-rechargeable.
Disposable Electronic Cigarette -  an electronic cigarette which is designed to be used only once.
Drip Tip -  a mouthpiece that helps to deliver the vaporized e-liquid into your mouth. It connects to the may be replaceable; there are many different types of mouthpieces – they can be made of plastic, aluminum, glass and even precious materials like gold.
Dry Burning -  running an atomizer without any e-liquid around it. This method is very helpful to burn any deposits of crud off the heating coil after relatively long periods of use. This way, you can usually improve the overall performance of the coil.
Dry Hit -  an inhalation of vapor which is accompanied by burning taste, smell, or both. Usually happens when there is not enough e-liquid being supplied to the atomizer or the atomizer is providing too much heat; also it can indicate severe wear of the atomizer, as well as other issues.

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