E-Cigarette Glossary

Below you will find the explanations of many terms that are often used in relation to electronic cigarettes and the vaping culture in general.

The E-Cigarette Glossary

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510 -  a number which refers to one of the most popular connection thread patterns used in electronic cigarettes. In other words, it is used to make sure that a battery or mod will be compatible with an atomizer/cartomizer/clearomizer or adapter.
Adapter -  a component with a dual threading used to fit a specific atomizer/cartomizer/clearomizer onto a battery/mod that uses a different threading.
Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV) -  an advanced version of a personal vaporizer. Usually it features a larger battery and an ability to change the vaping voltage/wattage; it may also be equipped with a digital display, short-circuit protection and many other technical features.
Analog Cigarette -  a term used to describe a traditional tobacco cigarette (the opposite of “digital cigarette”).
Atomizer -  one of the most important components of an electronic cigarette which transforms the e-liquid into vapor when electricity passes through its wire coil (coils).
Automatic e-cigarette -  an electronic cigarette that is equipped with an automatic battery. Thanks to special sensors (usually airflow sensors), such a battery is activated automatically when the vaper inhales.
Battery -  the main component and power source of any electronic cigarette which provides electrical power to the heating element that vaporizes the e-liquid. Most e-cigarettes are equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery.
Bottom Dual Coil (BDC) -  a term used to describe a new type of clearomizer technology which features two bottom-located coils. In most cases, it can provide more vapor than other types of clearomizers.
Box Mod -  an electronic cigarette mod featuring a rectangular parallelepiped shape. Such a shape is quite convenient for enclosing the necessary electronics and powerful lithium ion batteries.
Cartomizer -  a component of an electronic cigarette which can be characterized as a combination of an atomizer and a cartridge. The atomizer vaporizes the e-liquid, while the cartridge serves as a container for the e-liquid. Cartomizers usually contains some kind of filling material to absorb the e-liquid.
Cig-a-like -  an electronic cigarette featuring a shape which resembles a traditional cigarette.
Clearomizer -  a transparent (or “clear”) cartomizer which allows the user to see how much e-liquid is in it. A clearomizer is usually made of plastic or Pyrex glass; there is a coil (coils) in t
Coil -  the part of an atomizer, able to vaporize the e-liquid by heating it. Coils are usually made of kanthal wire
Cut Off -  a technological feature of an e-cigarette that provides automatic shutdown of the battery to prevent overheating of the atomizer or inhalation of too much vapor.
Disposable E-cigarette -  a type of e-cigarette that is designed for one-time use only. They are usually non-refillable and non-rechargeable.
Disposable Electronic Cigarette -  an electronic cigarette which is designed to be used only once.
Drip Tip -  a mouthpiece that helps to deliver the vaporized e-liquid into your mouth. It connects to the may be replaceable; there are many different types of mouthpieces – they can be made of plastic, aluminum, glass and even precious materials like gold.
Dry Burning -  running an atomizer without any e-liquid around it. This method is very helpful to burn any deposits of crud off the heating coil after relatively long periods of use. This way, you can usually improve the overall performance of the coil.
Dry Hit -  an inhalation of vapor which is accompanied by burning taste, smell, or both. Usually happens when there is not enough e-liquid being supplied to the atomizer or the atomizer is providing too much heat; also it can indicate severe wear of the atomizer, as well as other issues.
E-Liquid -  a liquid solution which is used to produce vapor. In most cases, the main components of an e-liquid are vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavoring substances. E-liquid may or may not contain nicotine.
E-Pipe -  a type of electronic cigarettes which visually resemble a traditional tobacco pipe.
Ecigclopedia -  a completely free comprehensive online resource which offers valuable articles about electronic cigarettes, trustworthy electronic cigarette product reviews, latest industry news and other useful information to everyone who is interested in electronic cigarettes.
eGo -  a popular electronic cigarette battery type that indicates the presence of 510 connection. Contrary to popular beliefs, eGo style batteries are made by many different manufacturers, therefore it is not a brand.
Electronic Cigarette (EC, Personal Vaporizer, e-cig) -  a modern alternative to traditional cigarettes that allows users to enjoy a process, which is quite similar to smoking, in a less harmful way. It is a battery powered electronic device that vaporizes a special solution called e-liquid into vapor, which can be inhaled.
Eletronic Cigar -  a type of electronic cigarettes which visually resemble a tobacco cigar.
Filler -  the material used to fill a cartridge of an electronic cigarette for e-liquid absorption. It is usually absorbent enough to prevent flooding of the atomizer.
Flooding -  a term used to describe an issue with an atomizer when it has been overfilled with e-liquid. A gurgling sound and degraded vaping performance most often are surefire indicators of flooding.
Glassomizer -  a clearomizer with an e-liquid container that is mainly made of glass rather than cheaper plastic.
High Voltage Mod -  sometimes used to describe a device that can operate above 3.7 volts, which is the standard voltage of eGo type batteries.
Leaking -  a term to describe an issue with an electronic cigarette when e-liquid leaks through the atomizer and onto the battery contacts.
Manual e-cigarette -  an electronic cigarette that is equipped with a manual battery. It features a special button that must be used to activate the battery every time the user wishes to inhale vapor.
Mod -  a term usually used to describe an electronic cigarette device which is neither an eGo type battery, nor a traditional cigarette look-alike. The origin of this term is related to the modification of flashlights or other similar devices to be used for vaping.
Modder -  a person who prefers and enjoys modifying their electronic cigarettes and/or electronic cigarette related products to their preference.
Mouthpiece -  the upper part of an electronic cigarette that helps to deliver vapor to the mouth of the vaper.
Nicotine -  a substance (an alkaloid) found in tobacco and various other plants of the nightshade family.
NRT -  Nicotine Replacement Therapy
Ohm -  the SI unit of electrical resistance, named after a German physicist. The lower the number, the lower the resistance.
Passthrough -  a technological feature of a personal vaporizer which allows using it while the battery is being charged.
Propylene Glycol (PG) -  an organic compound – a viscous, colorless, nearly odorless and flavorless liquid – which is used as the main ingredient in e-liquids. It is usually used in combination with vegetable glycerin (VG) in a 70/30 percent PG/VG blend.
Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA) -  an atomizer that is designed to allow custom coil and wick building. RBAs are usually preferred by advanced vapers who wish to achieve higher vapor production than offered by standard atomizers.
Rebuildable Drip Tip Atomizer (RDA) -  a rebuildable atomizer that is designed to allow dripping of e-liquid directly on the wicking material.
Silica -  a highly heat-resistant material used to build wicks, usually for rebuildable atomizers.
Starter Kit -  a term used to describe a set of electronic cigarette products (usually a battery and 1 or 2 atomizers) which is suitable for beginners or users who wish to start using their e-cigarette right away.
Sub Ohm Tank – -  a vaping tank which operates at a resistance lower than 1 ohm and can provide exceptionally thick clouds of vapor. A sub ohm tank is a great alternative for those people who want to vape at a sub-ohm level, but do not want to bother with RBAs or RDAs.
Tank -  a vapor delivery system which usually consists of an e-liquid container, coil and a mouthpiece. Sometimes this term is also used to describe just the component of an electronic cigarette that contains e-liquid.
Throat Hit -  a quite enjoyable sensation which is often felt by vapers in their throats while inhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette. The intensity of this sensation may vary from barely noticeable to very severe. A strong throat hit is usually felt when vaping an e-liquid with high nicotine and/or Propylene Glycol (PG) content.
Vaper -  a person who vapes.
Vaping -  the process of inhaling vapor produced by an electronic cigarette.
Vapor -  the mist produced by vaporizing e-liquid in an electronic cigarette.
Vapor Production -  a term used to describe the thickness, density and intensity of vapor produced by an electronic cigarette.
Vaporizer -  an apparatus that converts liquids into vapor. Electronic cigarettes can be also described as vaporizers.
Variable Voltage (VV) -  an electronic cigarette mod that allows easy regulation of the voltage output.
Variable Wattage (VW) -  an electronic cigarette mod that allows easy regulation of the wattage output. A VW mod can be considered more advanced than a VV mod, because such a device allows the user not to worry about the resistance of the atomizer too much, as it reads it and calculates the necessary voltage automatically.
Vegetable Glycerin (VG) -  is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid with a gently sweet taste, one of the main ingredients of e-liquids. Vegetable glycerin is thicker than propylene glycol (PG); it produces denser but milder vapor.
Wick -  the part (parts) of an atomizer that absorbs e-liquid and delivers it to the coil.

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